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Spotlight on ….. Emma K

Emma K is our Business Manager and takes responsibility for the running of our office. Your role – how did that happen? I joined the company in a completely different capacity and quickly realised the role was not for me. But due to the size of the business my skills… Read More

Adviser vs Planner

The job titles of Financial Adviser and Financial Planner are often thought to be one and the same. Often when I meet new people, they ask what I do. When I explain that I’m a Financial Planner, they might comment “Oh, I work with someone like you: so-and-so at firm… Read More

25th Anniversary Event

What a time we had! We really feel honoured that so many of you were able to join us for our 25th anniversary event at Saxby Cider in Farndish. The weather let us down, but it certainly didn’t dampen spirits! Phil and Amanda Saxby proved excellent hosts, the drinks were… Read More