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Riding out the investment storm

Many of you will have noted with some concern recent political events and since seen this impact on the value of your portfolios. There’s lots to contend with – the war in Ukraine, the continuing impact of COVID, and of course, maybe the most talked about, the issue of soaring… Read More

How do we protect ourselves against hackers?

Last week we received an email from one of our clients, but eagle-eyed Amy had an inkling that it didn’t sound quite like her. On calling to check, the client confirmed that her email had indeed been hacked and that neither she nor her email provider could access her emails. Read More

The value of planning

I recently read a very lengthy report regarding fair fees in financial planning, comparing the pros and cons of various charging structures. When looking at the various options; hourly fees, fixed fees, percentage-based fees, it’s clear that each has its benefits and pitfalls and where on the scale that fits… Read More

What we’ve been up to

It’s been a busy few weeks for the team at Jane Smith Financial Planning. The end of the tax year is always an extraordinarily busy time for us, as we get all those last-minute ISA and pension contributions in, but that’s not all that’s been keeping us occupied. A highlight… Read More