How does it work?

We use a tried and tested process, with four important phases. From the outset, we take the time to get to know you. It’s important that we understand your lifestyle as well as your hopes, fears and aspirations for you and your family, before we give you any advice. That way we can ensure our recommendations will match your goals. Likewise, it’s equally important that you get to know us, so that you can be sure our approach is right for you.

We can then start to plan your route. Just like any journey, it always helps to know where you’re heading. That‘s why we provide clients with our Life Roadmap Service as part of our overall comprehensive financial planning package. This gives a detailed evaluation of your current financial circumstances and looks at more than just the value of your investments. It also considers what really matters to you, and how you’d like your life to look five, ten and more years from now. We can then produce your personal Life Roadmap Report, which gives you the direction you need to achieve your goals.

You’re really on your way now and we can start to put our recommendations into practice. High quality financial planning advice is only the first part of your journey. If you choose our Product Implementation Service, we can recommend and implement the most suitable products to meet your needs, as identified through our advice process. We stress that we offer wholly independent advice and are not tied to any product range.

Once you’ve started implementing our recommendations, you’ll hopefully be able to start ticking a goal or two off your list. But it doesn’t stop there. The key to successful financial planning is regular review; making sure your plan keeps up with changes in the financial and economic environment, as well as the changing needs of you and your family over time. And so we will continue to review your plan with you to help ensure it stays on track.

The end destination may be in sight, but our involvement doesn’t end with just one piece of advice or investment solution. Instead, this is part of the overall financial planning process and we find it extremely rewarding to be part of people’s long-term plans; seeing them achieve their lifelong ambitions.

Financial planning can incorporate many different services, including investment planning, retirement planning, inheritance planning or putting in place some protection for those closest to you. These may be requirements that overlap at the same time or occur at different stages in life. Rather than recommending specific products or funds, financial planning for us is more about looking at your overall requirements and ensuring you have a financial plan to meet those needs.