Inheritance planning

Need inheritance tax help? Inheritance tax planning is a complex area and one that people often put off thinking about too much. However, it is well worth giving it some consideration as early as possible and getting inheritance tax help. The threshold for inheritance tax currently stands at £325,000 which means if your estate is worth more than that, any assets exceeding that amount will be taxed at 40%. However, with careful planning there are definite steps that can be taken to minimise your tax liability or reallocate your assets to prevent your loved ones paying more than is necessary.

You may have the following queries:

  • you want to pass your wealth on to your children and ensure they inherit as much as possible.
  • you would like to know if you can afford to help them now and at the same time reduce inheritance tax.
  • you have received an inheritance and want to ensure it is put to good use in helping you plan your financial future.
  • you have charities or political parties you would like to support and understand they are exempt from inheritance tax.

We can give you peace of mind on all these matters by ensuring your money is invested wisely and by proposing some practical solutions. If you would like to know more about inheritance tax planning or how to make the best use of some money you have inherited, do have a read of these case studies or get in touch with us.