Retirement planning

Retirement is one of the major changes in a person’s life. It may be something you are eagerly looking forward to but it can also raise many questions in terms of your finances. We have a great deal of experience in helping our clients make as smooth a transition as possible, while enabling them to maintain the kind of lifestyle they are accustomed to.

These are just some of the queries you may have:

  • you have accumulated a range of pensions in various schemes over your career, but don’t know how much is enough.
  • you really want to know when you can retire and if you will have the income you need.
  • you want to protect your family in the event that you are no longer able to look after them.
  • looking ahead, you may have concerns over the cost of residential care – for you or a relative.

We can help you determine how much income you think you will need in retirement. Once you’ve reached the age of 55, there are a number of options available to you as to how you take your pension and we can advise on the best course of action to suit your particular circumstances. This should be an exciting time of real freedom for you to go off on that holiday of a lifetime, spend more time with the family or do whatever you’ve been dreaming of. Our role is to help you structure your finances so that you are in a position to fulfill those plans.

Have a look at some cases studies of people we have helped as they approach retirement and once they are in retirement or do get in touch with us.